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This week is moves–what do you think will happen?


Hey! Hey! Hey!

What a wonderful week it has been!

There has been a lot of liquid sunshine (aka rain), but we still had an amazing time! The Lord has reached out in love to me in so many simple ways this week. On Tuesday we went to Aberdeen for a missionary conference. After we were in the train station, I see this amazing beautiful girl I love. Of course, there was squealing all around. The other missionaries were probably surprised by all the fanfare as I ran to hug one of my favorite recent converts, Sabine! Yeah, the one and only! God is good. Then we have been fed and loved by so many of the wonderful members of Perth. Our investigators Kevin and Julie still came to church yesterday even though they were sick. They are such wonderful troopers. I love them. God is good. Then a family in the branch, the Powell’s, had the biggest surprise of all to top it all off. On Sunday, we were being retrieved by them to have dinner at their home and out from behind the car jumps an angel, aka Fay Weber, my old companion! I just about died of happiness! It was amazing! They had been really good at keeping this a surprise from me so we had a wonderful night. God is so good.

The missionary conference this week was so good. As a result of this conference, I have been reflecting a lot on charity and “Cheerfully doing all things that lie in our power” (D&C 123:17). It is so amazing the ways and opportunities God gives each of us to learn charity. And the key to learning charity is to serve. I have been blessed my whole life with opportunities to serve. From day one the Lord has blessed us with families to serve among and learn from. He gives us mothers in which we have an amazing example of charity (thanks mom!) I’m so grateful that every day I get to show the Lord’s love for His children by cheerfully doing. I love that. What is a better way to show love, than doing cheerful service!

So please find ways to be “cheerfully doing all things.” This will truly bless your life!

Love ya’ll!

Sister Bohman

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  1. Your posts are so fun and upbeat … liquid sunshine indeed! It was great to see you last month, and I see you are still in Perth … it’s a great place, and that branch is awesome … we loved it. Keep up the good work … Love, Pauline Ricker xox

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