Letters Home

Guess what???


I’m staying in Perth! With Sister Smith!!! It’s gonna be a fun time! We are excited to be together some more in this wonderful city.

This week was blazing hot! It was in the 90’s. Crazy, I know, and no one in this country has AC to cool their houses because they never need to use it. It was soooo hot, but it was good. It reminded me of home. Love Texas!

We did get sick again though… sad. We had some bad food or something. Other than that, it has been a normal, amazing week. 🙂 Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

We had an amazing pday adventure on Monday–we went to a castle!!! There are some fun pictures of that.

I gave a talk yesterday at church. I have been studying a lot about Zion, how to become a Zion people, and build Zion around us. 4 Nephi is so good at showing us the attributes of a Zion people and showing us the opposite of Zion, as they start falling away from the teachings of Christ. I encourage you to look at that and pray to find ways you can have heaven around you and those you love.

I love ya’ll–to the moon and back!

Sister Bohman






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