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Back to Aberdeen

This last week on Monday I moved back to Aberdeen!!!!

Then, on Thursday, it was decided that for Sister Weber’s health, she needed to return home to Germany so that she can have the proper care and rest for her to get healthy. This wasn’t shocking news. We just thought that there would be more time before that decision was made. What does this mean though? It means that Sister Weber goes home this afternoon and that I am moving again. I’m going to be sent back to the Dundee Zone and I’ll be in Dunfermline in a trio. This is super sad, because Sister Weber and I get along perfectly and have so much fun together. I’ll really miss her and her zazz, but I get two new amazing companions in a new area! To be honest, it is very, very disappointing to have to leave Aberdeen again. I love this city and I love the people. I got to see everyone at church and that was bittersweet saying “Hi & Bye” to everyone.

That is the biggest news. Sister Weber and I had a blast here in Bridge of Don this last week. We have laughed and cried and laugh-cried. We will forever be sisters. I love this girl. She is going to do wonderful things. I will miss her, but I’m grateful for every second we had here. But once again, it’s off to a new adventure.

They still aren’t sure what is going on with my health, but it is getting better whatever it is. I’ll be grateful to be working at full capacity one day soon.

Love ya’ll to the moon and back!

Sister Bohman

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