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Another week in the Promised Land of Perth

Okay, this week was slow, but yesterday some amazing things happened!

Kevin and Julie are doing great and Julie got her own flat so this week we hopefully will be able to help her move and they will be baptized this month!!!

Also, my investigator from Dunfermline in my last area was baptized a week after we left and he came to church in Perth and I was able to see him.

And we finally got in contact with a part member family that has six kids!

So, it’s looking up!

This week as part of studying Zion like attributes, I was focusing on charity and love. I LOVE love and charity! Love and charity are the best! There is a short little Mormon message just out about love at home and it is simply wonderful! It talks about how we start the love of the world in our own homes and it just spreads, because love just like joy is contagious!

I love that everything in the gospel revolves around God’s love for us and how He has given us everything, even His Son, because of that love! I encourage ya’ll to look in your lives and see the ways God has shown you His love.

Love ya’ll

Sister Bohman




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