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Trip to Dundee


This week was pretty chill. We went to Dundee to do a little companion swap with some other sisters and I was with my old companion Sister Hill! I was with her in Dunfermline as a trio, so it was really good to be with her for a day. 🙂

One of my favorite experiences this week was when we were in Dundee. That morning during study I felt inspired to highlight a couple of verses.  We were talking to people on the street and we stopped a lady named Laurine. She was so sweet and happy, full of life, and we got talking about the Plan of Salvation and how Heavenly Father has provided ways for all of His children to return to Him. We explained a little about how that works and she was really excited, because she hasn’t heard a faith teaching that way, but it has always been what she believed in her heart. Then she said, “if I believe this, does that mean I believe in the Mormons?!? How can I learn more about it?!?” So we explained that is what we do! We teach people about it. Then we gave her the Book of Mormon I had marked for her that morning and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. 🙂 It was amazing! The sisters in Dundee will be teaching her soon!

I know that there are always people the Lord has prepared for us to hear this glorious truth of the Plan of Happiness and that it is not something foreign and strange. It’s something all of God’s children know in their hearts. It belongs with our divine identity. So, this week, I challenge you to study God’s plan and share it with others. Give away a Book of Mormon to someone special to you. If you don’t have a copy yourself, ask for one. I know a couple of kids that would love to bring one to you.

Love you all!

Sister Bohman

Ran Into Sister Stronach in Dundee!
Ran into Sister Stronach from Montrose in the streets of Dundee!

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