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This week was great! I absolutely love it here with all my heart! I have been so blessed to be put in this amazing city with an amazing ward and an amazing companion!

Some highlights of this week….

Remember a few months back I talked about how sometimes Heavenly Father comes down and just hands you a big ice-cream sundae and is like “HI! I’M STILL HERE! I LOVE YOU!” Well, that happened to us this week. Our wonderful ward mission leader texted us on Saturday and said, “hey sisters, it’s treat night. What do you want? I’ll get you anything.” So, we thought maybe some mint ice cream or soda, but we ended up asking for chocolate bars. He comes over and hands us chocolate bars, soda, and two little things of ice cream and says, “I hope you like mint chocolate.” And we thanked him. He left and we were just amazed! Heavenly Father had inspired him to get the other stuff that we had wanted but not asked for! like WHAT? and we just did a little happy dance and thanked Heavenly Father for our amazing ward mission leader Mark and the ice cream. That was one of those little miracles that just remind you that God is there and He loves us. Keep your eyes open to the little miracles or they will be missed.

Another crazy thing happened. On Tuesday, we were on our way somewhere and Sister Hood just says, “Well Sister, let’s just sit down on this bench at this random park for a minute.” And then we sat down and not even five minutes later these two boys walk up and ask, “are you the Mormon missionaries? We are meeting you today.” And we were like, “okay sure…” and went along with it. Turns out that the last missionaries had set up appointments with them for Tuesday at that time in that park and they forgot to leave us a note! Luckily the Lord guided us to the right place at the right time so that we could meet and teach them! We will be seeing them again this week! We are super stoked!


and I love ya’ll!

Sister Bohman







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