Find Joy!


So, this is gonna be a short one. Love ya’ll, but I’m not feeling so hot today. But I love you, so here is a wee bit of my week.

It has been a long week. So much has happened. We had a wonderful pday out with a few families in the ward. Love them! On Tuesday we had an all Ireland conference that was all day long. Seriously wiped us out. Then we had a normal Wednesday and Thursday. We had some stuff in Belfast and then a normal afternoon. Friday was fun. We had a few lessons and a dinner appointment. And this weekend I was out of commission, because I’m sick! hehe but it’ll be fine.

Something I have been pondering is how we “find joy in the journey.” I have a few ideas floating around my head but I want to know how ya’ll find joy in your journey? What is something that pushes you through every day and helps you have a perspective of joy?

I love ya’ll!

Have a joyous week!

Sister Bohman




This week was great! I absolutely love it here with all my heart! I have been so blessed to be put in this amazing city with an amazing ward and an amazing companion!

Some highlights of this week….

Remember a few months back I talked about how sometimes Heavenly Father comes down and just hands you a big ice-cream sundae and is like “HI! I’M STILL HERE! I LOVE YOU!” Well, that happened to us this week. Our wonderful ward mission leader texted us on Saturday and said, “hey sisters, it’s treat night. What do you want? I’ll get you anything.” So, we thought maybe some mint ice cream or soda, but we ended up asking for chocolate bars. He comes over and hands us chocolate bars, soda, and two little things of ice cream and says, “I hope you like mint chocolate.” And we thanked him. He left and we were just amazed! Heavenly Father had inspired him to get the other stuff that we had wanted but not asked for! like WHAT? and we just did a little happy dance and thanked Heavenly Father for our amazing ward mission leader Mark and the ice cream. That was one of those little miracles that just remind you that God is there and He loves us. Keep your eyes open to the little miracles or they will be missed.

Another crazy thing happened. On Tuesday, we were on our way somewhere and Sister Hood just says, “Well Sister, let’s just sit down on this bench at this random park for a minute.” And then we sat down and not even five minutes later these two boys walk up and ask, “are you the Mormon missionaries? We are meeting you today.” And we were like, “okay sure…” and went along with it. Turns out that the last missionaries had set up appointments with them for Tuesday at that time in that park and they forgot to leave us a note! Luckily the Lord guided us to the right place at the right time so that we could meet and teach them! We will be seeing them again this week! We are super stoked!


and I love ya’ll!

Sister Bohman









Finally made it! I’m at my last leg and I made it to Ireland!

It was strange, because the first two days we stayed in the flat. Here they have this holiday where they make huge fires and get drunk and so that could be dangerous for missionaries, so we stayed in the flat.

Miracles this week! We haven’t gotten lost and the ward is amazing and has been super great at feeding us! I’m so excited to serve here!

Not too much to update you on yet. We are just getting settled. My companion is amazing and we are going to see so much good work done here! It is really fun to get to know the Irish people, so it is. And I’ll keep ya’ll updated on all the cool things that happen here, so I will.

Love ya’ll!

Sister Bohman

New Things to Come!



Today I will be moving to the Belfast area! I will be moving via a ferry today! It shall be fun! I will be follow-up training Sister Hood and white washing in a new country with a new accent! I’m so excited for a new adventure!

I will miss this lovely land of Perth and the people I have met here, but it will be amazing!

This last week, Monday, we went on a lovely nature walk with the Powells and it was beautiful. We had so much fun running in the woods and climbing trees! It was definitely a great last P-day in Scotland! Tuesday, we had the 4th of July with an amazing district meeting.  For dinner, we had s’mores and steak! It was a good American day! The rest of the week was normal and great! We had some lessons and met some cool people!

The miracle I saw this week is that I am finally going to Ireland! That hasn’t happened yet and it will be the perfect last stop of my mission. I know that the Lord has a plan for all of us, and it is a good plan. He will make your dreams come true and then some.

God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.

Love ya’ll!

Sister Bohman



Now it’s JULY! Crazy!


Miracle this week–We had 5 investigators at church!!! It was amazing and they all did so well and the branch was super good to them and it was amazing.

Baptism? Not yet. Kevin and Julie are still doing great, but Scottish government is not helpful. Luckily, she will probably be moving end of this week!

I’m thankful for good food and especially American food this week. It is amazing how absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Investigators?!? We have new ones! Euan, Hiadar, and Ashleigh are all new and not much news for them.

Funny story this week…

So, Sunday was Fast Sunday (once a month healthy members of our church fast for two meals as a way to bring our hearts closer to God and to one another). We were walking back to the flat after church and we passed a raspberry bush that had ripe raspberries. So, I just popped a couple in my mouth. Sister Smith was not fasting and slightly questioned me, but not too much. She said, “I do not think those are yours to eat.” And I’m like, “I do not think that they are anyone’s.” Then we got home and she was in the kitchen (she was sick, so no fasting for her) and I came in to share some of the delicious brownies she was eating. Then I said, “No!! temptress!!” And she said, “You already broke your fast by eating raspberries!” To which I respond with, “UGH, NO!! I am sorry Heavenly Father” and walked into the front room. And I walked out to go sit at my desk which is also covered in food temptations. Sister Smith walks in after me as I was about to drink water from a water bottle. She just yells, “Sister Bohman!!” I was shocked with confusion and panic. I angrily spit the water out all over. It was a struggle, but I repented and didn’t eat until dinner.

Our week was good though!

Love Ya’ll!

Sister Bohman


Update from Perth

DSCN2206Update on Kevin and Julie: they will be baptized, hopefully, next week. It’s conditional on the Scottish government for when they will finish her flat and stuff so…. that kinda stinks.

Miracle this week…

Thanks to a surprise visit from our STLS who came to have an exchange here in Perth, we found lots of new people and had a former come back to learn. It was Amazing!! It was really fun and it was nice to have two teams working the area.

A funny story, a lapse in my missionary skills…

We were chapping and this lady opened the door saying, “hello?” I thought that she said, “oh no,” and so I said “ok, bye. Have a nice night.” The lady looked so confused. It was like we were doorbell ditching politely. XP

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about temples and how much of a blessing it is to have them. No matter what is happening in the world, we can escape and find peace in the house of the Lord. There is a really cool Mormon video about Temples

I am so glad that Heavenly Father reaches out in love to his children and has restored the teachings of the temple to earth. I am so blessed to know that my family will be eternal and that we can live together and see our loved ones in the life to come. And I am so excited to go to the temple when I get back from my mission!

Love you all and hope that if you have a temple close by you go and enjoy it for me, but mostly for yourself.

Sister Bohman















Trip to Dundee


This week was pretty chill. We went to Dundee to do a little companion swap with some other sisters and I was with my old companion Sister Hill! I was with her in Dunfermline as a trio, so it was really good to be with her for a day. 🙂

One of my favorite experiences this week was when we were in Dundee. That morning during study I felt inspired to highlight a couple of verses.  We were talking to people on the street and we stopped a lady named Laurine. She was so sweet and happy, full of life, and we got talking about the Plan of Salvation and how Heavenly Father has provided ways for all of His children to return to Him. We explained a little about how that works and she was really excited, because she hasn’t heard a faith teaching that way, but it has always been what she believed in her heart. Then she said, “if I believe this, does that mean I believe in the Mormons?!? How can I learn more about it?!?” So we explained that is what we do! We teach people about it. Then we gave her the Book of Mormon I had marked for her that morning and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. 🙂 It was amazing! The sisters in Dundee will be teaching her soon!

I know that there are always people the Lord has prepared for us to hear this glorious truth of the Plan of Happiness and that it is not something foreign and strange. It’s something all of God’s children know in their hearts. It belongs with our divine identity. So, this week, I challenge you to study God’s plan and share it with others. Give away a Book of Mormon to someone special to you. If you don’t have a copy yourself, ask for one. I know a couple of kids that would love to bring one to you.

Love you all!

Sister Bohman

Ran Into Sister Stronach in Dundee!
Ran into Sister Stronach from Montrose in the streets of Dundee!

Another week in the Promised Land of Perth

Okay, this week was slow, but yesterday some amazing things happened!

Kevin and Julie are doing great and Julie got her own flat so this week we hopefully will be able to help her move and they will be baptized this month!!!

Also, my investigator from Dunfermline in my last area was baptized a week after we left and he came to church in Perth and I was able to see him.

And we finally got in contact with a part member family that has six kids!

So, it’s looking up!

This week as part of studying Zion like attributes, I was focusing on charity and love. I LOVE love and charity! Love and charity are the best! There is a short little Mormon message just out about love at home and it is simply wonderful! It talks about how we start the love of the world in our own homes and it just spreads, because love just like joy is contagious!

I love that everything in the gospel revolves around God’s love for us and how He has given us everything, even His Son, because of that love! I encourage ya’ll to look in your lives and see the ways God has shown you His love.

Love ya’ll

Sister Bohman




He Loves You

It has been a good week. Some miracles this week…..

We went back to Pizza Hut and saw our friends who lived in Utah! She is great and gave us some nice pastries 🙂 We will hopefully see her soon outside of work. She is really busy right now.

We have been able to meet a few less active church members and they are all great and show real intent in coming back to church!

We were able to see Kevin and Julie 3 times this week and they came to the Book of Mormon class at church during the week.

Lastly, with the summer months here, we get a lot of visitors at church and it is so great to hear other people’s experiences and take on the Gospel! I love that no matter where we go in the world the church is always there and is always the same, because God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and so is His Church and doctrine. 🙂

On Sunday, we were talking about Elder Nelson’s talk from this most recent general conference, “Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives.” It is an amazing talk. I love that he reminds us that Christ’s life and atonement is not an ordinary thing and we can always draw down His power in our lives so that Christ can enable us to do all things that He needs us to do and that we need to do.

“When you reach up for the Lord’s power in your life with the same intensity that a drowning person has when grasping and gasping for air, power from Jesus Christ will be yours. When the Savior knows you truly want to reach up to Him—when He can feel that the greatest desire of your heart is to draw His power into your life—you will be led by the Holy Ghost to know exactly what you should d0.”


How wonderful a promise. A promise that will never falter or flee. As we reach to the Savior, He will give us strength. We only need ask. This is an eternal promise. I think we often forget. We think I can do this. I am strong enough. We push forward. We forget that He has already done it for us. The price is paid and we need not do it alone. I know that the Savior, my brother Jesus Christ, has the power to do all things. He alone can help our week things become strong. He gives us trials so that we can learn to rely on Him and become like Him. He is forever my rock and foundation. He gives me strength, through rain and snow and all in between. He walks with me. And He can and will walk with you if you but ask Him.

I love ya’ll and hope that you know that God loves you too!


Sister Bohman

Guess what???


I’m staying in Perth! With Sister Smith!!! It’s gonna be a fun time! We are excited to be together some more in this wonderful city.

This week was blazing hot! It was in the 90’s. Crazy, I know, and no one in this country has AC to cool their houses because they never need to use it. It was soooo hot, but it was good. It reminded me of home. Love Texas!

We did get sick again though… sad. We had some bad food or something. Other than that, it has been a normal, amazing week. 🙂 Nothing out of the ordinary happened.

We had an amazing pday adventure on Monday–we went to a castle!!! There are some fun pictures of that.

I gave a talk yesterday at church. I have been studying a lot about Zion, how to become a Zion people, and build Zion around us. 4 Nephi is so good at showing us the attributes of a Zion people and showing us the opposite of Zion, as they start falling away from the teachings of Christ. I encourage you to look at that and pray to find ways you can have heaven around you and those you love.

I love ya’ll–to the moon and back!

Sister Bohman