New Things to Come!



Today I will be moving to the Belfast area! I will be moving via a ferry today! It shall be fun! I will be follow-up training Sister Hood and white washing in a new country with a new accent! I’m so excited for a new adventure!

I will miss this lovely land of Perth and the people I have met here, but it will be amazing!

This last week, Monday, we went on a lovely nature walk with the Powells and it was beautiful. We had so much fun running in the woods and climbing trees! It was definitely a great last P-day in Scotland! Tuesday, we had the 4th of July with an amazing district meeting.  For dinner, we had s’mores and steak! It was a good American day! The rest of the week was normal and great! We had some lessons and met some cool people!

The miracle I saw this week is that I am finally going to Ireland! That hasn’t happened yet and it will be the perfect last stop of my mission. I know that the Lord has a plan for all of us, and it is a good plan. He will make your dreams come true and then some.

God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.

Love ya’ll!

Sister Bohman



Now it’s JULY! Crazy!


Miracle this week–We had 5 investigators at church!!! It was amazing and they all did so well and the branch was super good to them and it was amazing.

Baptism? Not yet. Kevin and Julie are still doing great, but Scottish government is not helpful. Luckily, she will probably be moving end of this week!

I’m thankful for good food and especially American food this week. It is amazing how absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Investigators?!? We have new ones! Euan, Hiadar, and Ashleigh are all new and not much news for them.

Funny story this week…

So, Sunday was Fast Sunday (once a month healthy members of our church fast for two meals as a way to bring our hearts closer to God and to one another). We were walking back to the flat after church and we passed a raspberry bush that had ripe raspberries. So, I just popped a couple in my mouth. Sister Smith was not fasting and slightly questioned me, but not too much. She said, “I do not think those are yours to eat.” And I’m like, “I do not think that they are anyone’s.” Then we got home and she was in the kitchen (she was sick, so no fasting for her) and I came in to share some of the delicious brownies she was eating. Then I said, “No!! temptress!!” And she said, “You already broke your fast by eating raspberries!” To which I respond with, “UGH, NO!! I am sorry Heavenly Father” and walked into the front room. And I walked out to go sit at my desk which is also covered in food temptations. Sister Smith walks in after me as I was about to drink water from a water bottle. She just yells, “Sister Bohman!!” I was shocked with confusion and panic. I angrily spit the water out all over. It was a struggle, but I repented and didn’t eat until dinner.

Our week was good though!

Love Ya’ll!

Sister Bohman