Week 5 in Perth


It was a good week.

We had a cool miracle this week. One night Sister Smith wasn’t feeling good. We just pressed through it and chapped anyway. We came to a door and the yard was overgrown and unkempt. We saw in the grass a mormon.org card folded in half just thrown there. So, I opened the gate and said, “okay Lord, I’m ready for a miracle!” We chapped the door.  And then this woman opened it. She was pretty rough around the edges and I just held my breath and we introduced ourselves. She said, “Oh my father was Mormon! Come on in!” And we both just looked at each other in shock. We went into the house and she had so many good questions. She is excited to learn and loves modern day revelation. Needless to say, sacrifice brings forth the blessings from heaven! God is good and He will provide as you act in faith.

On Sunday I was praying during sacrament to be given the strength and patience to do what is asked of me here in Perth and then the speakers gave such amazing talks that were exactly what I needed. In that moment, in our little branch meeting, I knew why I was there and I knew even more fully that God is aware of us and He truly wants us to be happy and share that happiness with others.

Love ya’ll!

Sister Bohman

Ps: If you’re looking for something good to study, look up “His Grace is Sufficient” by Brad Wilcox.




Easter Miracles

What a week we have had!

So many miracles!

On Friday, this week, we met a woman at Pizza Hut (worker). She lived in Utah and was taught by missionaries there. She is so amazing. This was especially cool because Sister Smith had a huge feeling that morning that we needed to be somewhere specific at 1 pm and we never ever go to Pizza Hut, but we couldn’t decide where to go and just thought Pizza Hut. Then we go and find Liz there and felt that was where we were supposed to be at 1pm. So that was a cool experience. Yesterday at church we had five friends there!!! This is a new record for me on my mission! We had three current investigators and two others that responded to church texts with us! It was an Easter Miracle! Ada, one of our friends that attended church with us, has a baptismal date for April 29th! We are really excited for her. Two of our other friends, Kevin and Julie, were also there. They are really excited about the gospel, but they aren’t married. They have been living together going on four years now, so we are hopefully getting them married soon! Do I see a joint wedding-baptism in the future… maybe!

Then to top it all off with a cherry on top, the Rickers from the Boerne Ward showed up at Church, too! It was so fun to see a familiar face and get some good Texas-sized hugs.

It was just an amazing week and we are looking forward to another amazing week!

Easter is such an amazing time of year. I loved the Mormon message for the “Prince of Peace.” The simple words shared are so awe inspiring.

He was the worlds greatest conqueror, yet He ruled no nations, led no armies, never raised a sword. Took no spoils. His only crown was made of thorns. He won victories, no one else could. He defeated death. He conquered sin and offers peace to all who follow Him. He can calm troubled seas and troubled souls. He can heal broken lives and broken bonds. He can turn water into wine and heartache into hope. He lived, died and lived again, so we will all live again. His resurrection brings us peace, now and forever. He is Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Prince of Peace.

Remember to apply Christ’s example and sacrifice to your life. As we do this we can have peace now and in the world to come. I LOVE our Savior and brother Jesus Christ. Because of Him we can live, we can truly live. This Gospel, this way of life, THIS IS LIVING and it is possible because of Him.

Love ya’ll–Happy Easter!

Sister Bohman










Week 3 Perth!


It’s been a great week! Yesterday we had a miracle. We got to church and as usual we have been praying to find the elect and for the elect to find us. We were fasting for the elect to find us. So, we are at church greeting people and then this couple comes to the front door, and you can tell they aren’t members of the church, so we take a special interest in them and start talking. Julie and Kevin went to our church about a year ago and they decided that they needed to come back because it is something they want in their life now! So we are really excited to teach them and help them find what they are missing. God is so good.

Something I have been studying this week is like what Elder Rasband said about being a first responder. I loved the story he told about the fireman so much and the promised blessing that if we follow the first promptings of the spirit we will be successful 9xs out of 10. Isn’t that amazing? I loved studying chapter 4 in Preach my Gospel. I invite you to read it and study it. It is so important for us to respond to promptings of the spirit because it is only the times that we don’t when we have regrets. If we are always following the promptings from heaven we will never be wrong!

Lastly, a funny story this week:

This week we had a missionary conference so all the missionaries in the area came together to be taught by our leaders. We got there and were just sitting down in the pew. Then this happens–

Me to Sister Smith: You are too close to me.

AP Elder Tullis (standing in the pew in front of me, looks up in shock): Oh my! I thought you were talking to me!

Me: Yeah Elder you are wayyy too close. Don’t you know it’s inappropriate to stand that close to a Sister?

Elder Tullis (mimics a Texan accent): Oh, I’m a Texan, and you can’t be within ten feet of me. You’ll breath my air.

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Ya’ll may not consider this a funny thing, but as a missionary your humor is very different and it was very funny, trust me!


Love Ya’ll!

Sister Bohman



It’s been one year!!!!

I had a good week. I turned one year as a missionary and we had General Conference!

Highlights of this week:

On Wednesday, we were able to go to a youth center and talk to troubled youth. That was so great to be able to be there with real people who are trying to change their life. We will be able to go back every week.

I was able to celebrate my one year with an American burger. Oh, it was sooooo good!

We have a new friend who wants to be baptized. She is really cool and we have already been able to see the change the gospel has made in her life.

Best of all, Conference!!! I loved it so much, but Elder Choi’s talk was just great! I loved it so much! Remember to look up. I love how he told his missionaries, “when it rains, look up. Open your mouth. Drink it!” I find that this will be very good advice as I’m in Scotland and it rains a lot. If you haven’t been able to watch the conference, then I encourage you to watch it and listen to the Prophet’s voice.

Love ya’ll

Sister Bohman