It’s been a wild week!

It has been a really good week. A lot has happened, both fortunate and unfortunate. We locked ourselves out of our flat. That was an adventure, but it is all sorted out now. This week we have a few new investigators who are really cool. We are being really blessed with finding cool people here in Dunfermline. We taught this one girl that the Elders met. She texted us and I was able to go on splits with a member to teach her. She is really open minded and she and her family are looking for a new church! We are really excited to see where this goes. We are also working really hard with Craig who is trying to quit smoking. He knows he has to in order to get baptized and he really wants to get baptized so it’s a big motivator for him.

Last night we were chapping and we found this really cool guy who met with missionaries awhile ago. He is really cool. We set up an appointment. Then we went and knocked on his neighbor’s door and we are able to have a little conversation. The neighbor let us in. He was a really peculiar guy and he knows about a lot of stuff. He was one of those people that just takes bits and pieces of what they want and applies it to their life. He was on one about aliens and it was really funny. Last night at the flat afterwards, I was just thinking, never again in my life will I have experiences like this, just going up to some random person’s house and being let in. It is really crazy and I love it. People are great. Always look for the best in people. I love being a missionary. It really helps me feel of God’s love for each of his unique creations. It is really amazing.

Keep on loving.

Keep on praying.

Keep on trying.

He wants us to succeed.

So do it!

Also read 2Nephi 31:20~have a perfect brightness of hope!


Love ya’ll,

Sister Bohman

Another Week of Wonderful

Good Morning!
So, we have a new schedule kind of and it adds two hours into our P-day and it is super amazing. We got so much done already today. We cleaned and organized our whole flat and it’s only 11:30. This is such a blessing. It is amazing how much you can get done with two extra hours! Anyways, this is very exciting.

This week has been really good other than my sick day, but being in a trio can be so convenient. We just found a member I could stay with and my companions went out and did the normal activities for the day. I stayed with the Relief Society President and we got to know each other. We talked about the area a bit and the members, which was really useful insight.

We have a couple of investigators on track for baptism. One is Craig. He is doing well. He started living the Word of Wisdom before we even taught him about it! He knew it was a requirement for baptism and found it online. He cut back on smoking, but since we taught him the Word of Wisdom he hasn’t smoked so that is amazing. He is really cool. Another is Colin, a family man who has a bunch of kids. He is currently working on and praying about baptism and having his family involved, because family is super important to him and he knows the church will strengthen his family. And then there is Ali. He is cool. We were actually teaching his roommate and he came home and sat in. He was really interested and said that he is going to read the Book of Mormon and wants to finish it by this Sunday! He is Muslim and struggling with his faith so that will be different. We have to get him interviewed by the Mission President, because we have to know that it will be safe for him to join us.

So, all in all, it has been a great week!
Love you to the moon and back!

Sister Bohman


Week One in Dunfermline

It has been a long, hard, amazing week. It was really hard to leave Sister Weber  and Aberdeen, but I know it was for the best and I’m so grateful because we will forever be friends and sisters. Then, as you know, on Monday I got to my new area Dunfermline. In this new area I’m in a trio, so I have two companions! And to be honest, I was really nervous at first, because trios can be trying, but it has been good. It has definitely been a task to get the dance right and our flow groovin’, but we are getting there. We have a few investigators and the ward is wonderful! So these are all good things! I’ve been working hard this week like usual, maybe two hard than my body wants. But I’m so grateful for the strength and energy I have been blessed with during the day as we are out in the cold, rain, or snow. My companions are amazing and I know I’m here with them for a reason. So now I just have the task of figuring it out.
Love ya’ll,
Sister Bohman

Back to Aberdeen

This last week on Monday I moved back to Aberdeen!!!!

Then, on Thursday, it was decided that for Sister Weber’s health, she needed to return home to Germany so that she can have the proper care and rest for her to get healthy. This wasn’t shocking news. We just thought that there would be more time before that decision was made. What does this mean though? It means that Sister Weber goes home this afternoon and that I am moving again. I’m going to be sent back to the Dundee Zone and I’ll be in Dunfermline in a trio. This is super sad, because Sister Weber and I get along perfectly and have so much fun together. I’ll really miss her and her zazz, but I get two new amazing companions in a new area! To be honest, it is very, very disappointing to have to leave Aberdeen again. I love this city and I love the people. I got to see everyone at church and that was bittersweet saying “Hi & Bye” to everyone.

That is the biggest news. Sister Weber and I had a blast here in Bridge of Don this last week. We have laughed and cried and laugh-cried. We will forever be sisters. I love this girl. She is going to do wonderful things. I will miss her, but I’m grateful for every second we had here. But once again, it’s off to a new adventure.

They still aren’t sure what is going on with my health, but it is getting better whatever it is. I’ll be grateful to be working at full capacity one day soon.

Love ya’ll to the moon and back!

Sister Bohman

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