This week was fun…and different.

Montrose Transfer 7 Week 6This week we did a lot of resting because I’m still not at 110%, but it was good. We actually didn’t rest too much, but enough, which is a lot. We got to teach our recent converts and we went to Aberdeen for two days so that my sister Giles and sister Zimmerman could go do missionary work. Sister Weber (also sick) and I took two days and totally recuperated. I also had another doctor’s appointment.

And guess what?!? We got our verdict: Sister Giles and I are being separated. She is going to Belfast in Northern Ireland and I’m going back to Bridge of Don in Aberdeen!!! And I’ll be with Sister Weber so this way we will be able to take everything at our own speed and not feel guilty about not doing missionary work 24/7 and making our companion stay in. So it was a really good deal and I’m super excited because I love Sister Weber. I’m excited to be with her, even though we are sick, and I’m excited to be back in Aberdeen!!!!

My spiritual experience this week is truly amazing and a miracle. Yesterday President Donaldson came to us out of the blue, a total surprise, and he said he was woken in the night with a prompting to come and see us, particularly me. He thought that it wasn’t convenient and it was illogical, so he slept on it and in the morning, still the same. So, he came and he gave me a blessing that my body would be healed and that I would soon have the energy to do all the things needed of me to do all the work the Lord has waiting for me to do. At that moment of the blessing I felt the spirit so strong and knew that this was going to be true and I was going to be healed. I had a surge of warm energy come over my body and my exhaustion evaporated. The power of the priesthood is strong and real. I know it and have experienced it many times. I’m grateful that Heavenly Father loves us so much and is willing to give us His power on earth.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Bohman

A busy, not busy week


This week I’m still not feeling well, but still trucking…

We had something planned for everyday this week, so we didn’t go absolutely crazy. We have been blessed that members have us over for meals a lot and take good care of us.

One highlight of the week was Sisters’ Conference. All the sister missionaries got together and we had speakers and workshops, food and games, and it was wonderful. I love being with my sisters. It was good for us as well. It really lifted our spirits to be with each other and to feel the spirit of missionary work stronger. Because of my sickness, we have had a hard time feeling like real missionaries. The day after the conference I had a doctor’s appointment and they hopefully will have an answer for me soon. Because of the appointment we had to go to my old area, ABERDEEN! While in Aberdeen we had lunch with a sister that is currently serving there. She was also sick and couldn’t come to the conference. It felt good to be with her and to help lift her spirits and show her love. All three of us went and visited a recent convert who I taught. It was wonderful to see Sabine! She is engaged to a member and they plan to get married in the summer. I’m so excited for her. It has truly been a blessing to be part of her life.

Something I have learned this week through everything, and with all that is going on right now, is to let go. Some things in our life we do need to think about and change and we can change, but others are out of our control. For instance, something about someone else, or illness–these things we don’t have any control over. What we do have control over is our attitude about it all and how we react to the situations that we are in. Something that the Mission President’s wife, Sister Donaldson, talked about at Sisters’ Conference was how President Hinckley would always say, “it’ll all work out.” This is something that we have to remind ourselves.  When we are not in control, God is. And he knows all. He knows our hearts and what we need to help us grow. We need to remain calm, breath, and trust in Him. I know that it is a lot easier said than done. These are some words of a song that I love and listen to over and over again.

 “Trust in You” by Laura Daigle 

When you don’t move the mountains
I’m needing you to move
When you don’t part the waters
I wish I could walk through
When you don’t give the answers
As I cry out to you
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in you
I will trust in you

You are my strength and comfort
You are my steady hand
You are my firm foundation
The rock on which I stand
Your ways are always higher
You plans are always good
There’s not a place where I’ll go
You’ve not already stood

I could go on and on about this, but like President Hinckley said, “keep trying, keep believing, be happy, don’t be discouraged. Things will work out.” You can do anything through Christ who gives you strength.

Love Sister Bohman

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Week 4 of Transfer 7–Wow!

DSCN1469This week was pretty slow, slower than normal, but SNOW!!!! We had snow! Sorry, I didn’t get any pics but ya’ll will just have to believe me.

Other than that, we had some more great experiences with our recent convert Nicoletta and her family. During the holidays her mother-in-law was here and we were able to meet her. She was lovely, even though she doesn’t speak English and we don’t speak Italian. Then this week we went over to Nicoletta’s and had dinner with her family. Before we taught her a lesson, we went over the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that during this life we need to have faith in Christ, repent of our sins, be baptized, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and then we must endure to the end. During this discussion, we asked her about her experience when she was baptized, how she felt, and how this has impacted her life. She told us some things that were amazing. Then she told us a little story about her mother-in-law and how Danilo, her husband, was talking with his mum and she said that when she was there with them this year that there was something different about them and the energy there. That it was more peaceful, less arguing, and that maybe, just maybe, it may have something to do with that church that Nicoletta joined. This was amazing! I often take for granted that the spirit is always with me and that others don’t have that and they may fully rely on others for their dosage of the spirit. People notice that it is there and that when they are in member’s homes they feel “different”. WOW! What a blessing we can be to others. Imagine that in simply inviting someone to your home, and not throwing religion out in every possible chance, just praying over the meal and thanking God for what we have–these simple things can make people open to receiving the Gospel, because they have felt it.

I hope we remember that the best way to teach our religion, the best way to teach of Christ, is to be like Him and to live His teachings. There are always people watching us. We may never know what our actions mean to someone else. This week, and always, find ways to show people the Spirit of Christ, the spirit of love, and that He loves them.

Have a wonderful week!

Love ya’ll

Sister Bohman

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Kerrville Connection

On Tuesday, after finding and having our bones frozen, we went out again after dinner and did some door knocking around a member’s flat. We had planned to pop in for a few minutes to share with her some ways to improve her member missionary work, but she didn’t answer. So, we continued on chapping down her street. Most people answered their doors and explained it was bedtime for the kids and they were not interested. Then we chap on one door with the keys hanging out of the lock on the outside. An older gent opens the door and exclaims “Oh Sisters! How are you doing? You can’t come in, but I’ll come on out.” So we move to the sidewalk, so confused, because we have never met this man before. How could we know him? Then he explains that it has been a bit since he has been to church and he was invited for Christmas but didn’t come. This man is Hurd, a less-active member of the church. And he asked us where we were from. I said Texas and he was like,  “Wow! I lived in Texas!” I asked him where and it was Kerrville! A town right near mine! It was a funny great coincidence! He did live there when he was young so we didn’t have any mutual people, but still. Texas is pretty big and to meet someone in another country that lived so close to you, that’s pretty cool! We had a nice conversation, found out some of the reasons he doesn’t come to church, and he told us that the members around always are talking to him. This led us to go a few doors down and talk to a sister in the ward about her missionary efforts and how she can really help us. She was so cute. She is very quiet and kind. This was also a good opportunity to get to know her some more and she said that our visit was exactly what she needed to lift her spirits.

That is just a small little story about something cool that has happened to us this week. I know that the Lord put us there for a reason and it was inspired for us after dinner to think we should go visit Heather (who didn’t answer her door). It was a testimony builder for me as well. When we have our plans, God has His, and we need to be flexible and willing to do what He needs to be done. I know that this experience was what I needed to lift my spirits in this cold Scottish winter.

Love ya’ll,

Sister Bohman



It’s been a good week. We have had time to recuperate so we can smash the New Year.  We have had a lot of off-time, because of the holidays. We had Christmas and the day after off. Then we had New Year’s Day and the day after off as well. New Year’s in Scotland is a big, big deal.

Yesterday Sister Giles and I went out to a forest and it was exactly what I needed. It’s amazing the amount of peace and how close to heaven you can feel when you’re in nature. It was a good time to be re-energized. Along with feelings of peace, we laughed and had a lot of fun as I ran around singing songs from “Into the Woods.” We went down to the river, splashed and had a jolly time singing “Agony!” We had just watched the film the day before, so Sister Giles knew what I was up to. It was too fun. Then we wanted to go to a castle so we went to find one and we found a few, but they were all closed!!! It was very sad so we went to the church and had kebabs.

Other than our time off, we were able to spend a bit more time with Nicoletta and her family. We got to know her husband some more. Hopefully we can teach him soon. We also went to see the other recent converts in the area, other than Eamonn. We have been informed by other missionaries that apparently, he does not want to be part of the church anymore and is going to go back to the Muslim faith. That is what he told the Elders in Dundee. This is very strange, because we had seen him a few days before and he was totally fine. He really has been fine, so hopefully we can talk to him soon and find out what is going on. We haven’t been able to get in contact with him. So, that is sad news.

A miracle this week–We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in Edinburgh and we were finding all day. This is one of my favorite things to do as a missionary, especially when you’re somewhere busy. So, we were out all day talking to a range of people and we stop this one guy who is about our age. He quickly realized that we were there to talk about God and he states that he is an atheist. We just keep on talking to him. And he says, “So, let’s say that Jesus did live and do all the things that the bible says. He wielded this magic power that enabled him to heal people and stuff like that. Why was that magic suddenly gone? Does God not love us anymore?”  This got me so excited because I have the knowledge that this “magic power” is the Priesthood and we do have it, because God does love us. I testified of this and that we have a Prophet today that Christ works through, Thomas S. Monson. He was gobsmacked. He was like, “Wow!” I googled President Monson on the spot. Then we were able to teach him a lesson right then and there. We taught a bit of the Restoration and particularly the Plan of Salvation, because he was asking us questions about where he would go. It was amazing and he agreed to see the missionaries again. The other Sisters will be seeing him today!

I love being a missionary and being able to teach people all the time the message of the Restoration. Something amazing about being a testifier of truth is that you don’t need to wear a missionary badge to do it. You can do it no matter who you are. So, this year, remember to take all the opportunities God gives you to share His Gospel.


Sister Bohman


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