WOW the year is almost over already and it is almost 2017! When did that happen?

I just want to express my gratitude! This year has been massive for me. So many things have happened. I started this year working at a western wear store in my hometown, Boerne, Texas. Now I’m working as a full time missionary in Scotland! And, wow, has it been an amazing adventure! I love it! And next year may be pretty much that but backwards, haha! It has been such a blessing to be the Lord’s hands here to help people to feel His love and to be able to learn and grow myself. It has been such a blessing to be here with the people I am with, even though I do miss my friends and family at home. It has been a wonderful year. I don’t think I could have asked for better.

This week was CHRISTMAS!!!

On Tuesday, we went to Edinburgh to be with all the missionaries and had a Christmas party/fireside complete with the movie Brave and an indoor snowball fight (yes, family, like the ones we have at grandma’s house). It was be-awesome! (If you don’t know that is a reference from Bolt which we also watched on Christmas Day.) On the way home, we got in some traffic. It was so bad, I literally just put the car in park for a whole hour (there was an accident). Then the rest of the week was slow. We did the same as usual, taught Nicoletta, the Ewarts, and Eamonn. Christmas Eve we were at the Church for a Christmas Carol Service.  And then for Christmas, we woke up and opened all of our goodies, which included a toothbrush that is a lightsaber and it glows and makes lightsaber noises. It’s awesome. We watched Bugs Life and went to Church! Church on Christmas was FUN!! Later we went to the Farquhurs for a Christmas feast and it was really fun! We got to Skype home and it was wonderful to see my family!

It was a GREAT week!


Sister Bohman

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Miracles and a Hospital Visit

4 WE ARE TOTALY DONE. DONT WANT TO BE HERE ,not having fun at the hospital

This week was super fun…. not.
I was in the hospital on Saturday–only for five hours.  Yeah, now you are paying attention. It wasn’t funny when it was happening but it is so funny now. lol. I thought I was dying and Sister Giles thought I was dying. Basically, I woke up with bad cramps so I ate an orange and took some ibuprofen. Then they just got worse so I took a hot shower and that helped a little. Well, I got out of the shower. Then I woke up Sister Giles, because she was sick in bed with a bug. I told her to keep an eye on me because I felt like dying. I was literally yelling. The pain was so bad I thought I was going to have to get sent home because something was incredibly wrong with me. Luckily, there is a member of the ward living near us. We called them over. I started vomiting oranges and blood. Immediately after the members arrived I got a blessing and felt instantly better. Instantly. Seriously, the power of God was there and I knew that it was going to be fine. The pain was gone, so I didn’t really care about what happened next. But the emergency number said to go to the hospital. They checked me out and did a blood test and told me I would be fine. So woopie! That is good news. But yeah it was really funny, but also really bad. One thing–I yelled that I would only have drugs when I have kids. Then I yelled that I wasn’t going to have kids if the pain is anything near this, I’m just adopting. But now that it is all over, I changed my mind again and said that I will still have kids. lol. The Doctor told me that it probably wasn’t the best idea to have taken ibuprofen with just oranges, because they were not a good combination. So now all of you–pay attention. When you take this drug, eat something that has carbs and you’ll be fine.

The rest of the week was normal, just a lot of finding.

Love you!

Sister Bohman

Look as sick as possible so they take us seriously.
Look as sick as possible so they take us seriously.
But we really are fine because of priesthood blessings.
But we really are fine because of priesthood blessings.
Laughing about the WHOLE thing!
Laughing about the WHOLE thing!





Last week we had a baptism and when it was over I had my cup of juice and threw it down and said “ANOTHER!” So, that is what happened. We had another baptism. (If you are not a nerd, you probably wouldn’t catch on to the fact that I’m referring to Thor here!)

NICOLETTA RIVA IS BAPTISED!!! She is so great! Even though there where some bumps in the road it was all sorted out and the baptism happened. It is crazy–the things that Satan will do to stop a baptism. In this case, it was getting Nicoletta’s son Leo sick.

Other than Nicoletta’s baptism we had a good week, with finding and teaching and finding…It was great! Now we are back to an investigator pool of zero but that can be changed, right? Totally! We just need to find people that are interested and in town during the holidays.

It has just been swell here. I have no complaints. And I’ll be staying in Montrose for Christmas!

Address: 33 Bridge street Montrose DD108AE Scotland

Love ya’ll

Sister Bohman

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This week! We had an awesome! amazing! fantastic! week AGAIN! It was WONDERFUL!

We spent P-day in Dundee with the sisters there and had salsa. We enjoyed being with each other. It is not often that sisters get to do this. I also got my flu jab (otherwise known as a flu shot to those in America) and we got to spend the night because we had District meeting the next day!

Another amazing thing happened…. Drum Roll! EAMONN IS BAPTISED!!! He is official and Bishop already has jobs for him to do! He is going to be a Kingdom builder. He is already saving for a mission and dating another recent convert who is also German. This keeps on happening–I keep on having investigators who date members and then become members and create eternal families. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened to them. It happened for Sabine though.

And Nicoletta is still doing so amazing! She is so ready to be baptized and we are very excited for her! This Saturday! Wow! Already! But she is soooooooo prepared. She already lives all of these commandments and the lord basically delivered her to us as a Christmas gift. She quit smoking five months ago and stopped drinking coffee a year ago. She has no problems with anything. It just all resonates with her. The only hard part for her is that everything is in English! But she does speak good English and three months ago, she didn’t speak any!

WOW I’m just so incredibly grateful for all of these miracles!

By the way, our moves call is on Sunday. Anyone have any guesses for what is going to happen to me???? I think I’ll be leaving sadly, but this will be the way it goes the whole mission. You get comfy then they kick you out.

Love ya’ll!

Sister Bohman

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We need to wash our car!
We need to wash our car!
Saddest Christmas display EVER
Saddest Christmas display EVER