No words for the miracles!

Wow! What a crazy awesome week! Like there are no words for the miracles! I’m just overflowing with excitement for this upcoming White Christmas! Not because it’ll be snowing (who knows though..), but because everyone will be dressed in white for baptisms!!! We are so excited because this week we met a new friend! And she found us! Nicoletta is an online media referral and she is Italian! She is the sweetest lady ever! She has two kids, 2 and 6. They are also wonderful. So we taught her a couple times this week. The first time we were not able to teach the whole Restoration so we left her a pamphlet to read before we would come back the next day. Then the next day (Friday) we came back to her home and sat down. Then she said, “when you left something happened…I read the Restoration and looked at the Book of Mormon.” The Spirit flooded the room. It was so, so strong–it hit you like a wall. None of us could help but cry. She was emotional while she said “It’s true. I know it. I feel it in my whole body… and I’m not just crying because I’m a woman! I’m crying because the way it feels I can’t contain it in my whole body!” And we cried tears of joy and love as she said these things and told her “Yes, yes, it is and we feel it too. We are feeling it right now.”

This is true. Joseph Smith did have God and Jesus Christ appear to him and nothing can bring the Spirit as strongly as that First Vision. I have felt its truth and so has Nicoletta and now she is so excited to be baptized on the 10th of December! She is so ready and I’m so grateful!

Have a blessed week!

Look at and #LIGHTtheWORLD

Love ya’ll

Sister Bohman


It’s another transfer!


So, it is the beginning of the end… I just realized that the rest of my mission will be full of lasts. This will be my last November. Then it will be my last Christmas. Then it will be my last birthday on my mission. But then again, I was only ever going to have one Christmas and one birthday on my mission! So, oh well. I just now have the opportunity to be really melodramatic about everything that happens for the next year. :b

It’s another transfer! Six weeks have passed since I was sent away from the land of Aberdeen to go teach the Gospel not too far away in Montrose/Arbroath. Wow. And it has been a good week. We had p-day and we had finding and more finding. One of these days our hard work here is going to pay off. I’m sure of it. Then we had Zone Conference, which is always way fun! We got to be with all the missionaries and learn about being missionaries and how we are going to reach our goal to have 360 baptisms this year. So far, we are at 316. So pray for us that we will make it!!! What a wonderful miracle–316 people this year have been found! They are found! And to think if that is just the Scotland/Ireland mission, how many people in the world this year have been baptized and are waiting and prepared to be baptized. Guys! This is our duty, to share the Gospel to all nations and to be a happy, real life examples of the joy that the gospel brings! Isn’t that wonderful! And anyone can be a missionary, not just me. Trust me. The missionaries need the members.

Anyways, love you all! Sorry about the little soapbox I just got on. THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Don’t forget to share the goodness that you have with others. Wouldn’t the Gospel be a wonderful gift to give someone this Christmas?


Sister Bohman

“I got the goldfish and skittles and they were soooooo good! They tasted like America. They tasted like happiness and ohhhh so good!”

Eamonn is Getting Baptised!

We are going to have a BAPTISM!!! EAMONN IS GETTING BAPTISED NOVEMBER 30th!!!!

That is basically the big news this week, other than that Sister Giles nearly had a few accidents like running into a pole and dog poo, but she didn’t. I saved her. Hahaha! It’s great to be a missionary. There is a great reason that they don’t let you do it alone. Not only does your companion save you from standing in dog poo but they are also able to give strength and another witness to your testimony. They are truly a blessing and it would be impossible to do the Lord’s work without a companion. I know that the Lord picks my companions and that we are where we need to be. The Lord knows exactly what it is that we need to grow, even if we do not understand what or why. He does. And isn’t that wonderful.


Sister Bohman


Sunny Scotland–Week 5 of Transfer 5

DSCN1193Hello all!

Another beautiful week in Sunny Scotland…. well, kinda. It’s been about 5 degrees Celsius so that is about 41 degrees to all you folk in America. So yeah, it’s cold…and humid and windy…. Still not quite snow though, so I’m very happy!

This week was slow at the beginning, just same ol’ missionary stuff. Then on Saturday it picked up when the STLs (Sister Training Leaders) came to our area and we talked to so many people and set up appointments to see five new friends before lunch! What a miracle! It was such a fun day! In celebration of Guy Fawkes Night, (a holiday here–it’s got a funny history–google it :)) we went to a member’s house. We watched fireworks and played Book of Mormon charades and it was a good time with the Watson Family. Sunday, we had church and then two lessons with a couple of new people that we had met the day before! So, it was a wonderful weekend! And now it’s P-day again! Oh, how time flies!!!


Love Ya’ll!

Sister Bohman

(P-day is short for Preparation Day. On P-day missionaries set aside their daily schedules to do personal tasks such as shopping, laundry, writing letters home, and sometimes site seeing.)