JPGDrumroll………………………I will be white washing and training in a new area, Arbroath!

Arbroath is in the Dundee zone. (mom you were right) The Lord has a lot of trust in me, but I’m excited and I have nothing else to say at this point. I will miss Aberdeen so much!

This week was crazy! We were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It is pretty intense. We taught and found and rode a lot of busses. We had a lot of lessons all over town and we just ran and ran and couldn’t stop until our heads hit the pillow. We got a lot done here my last week in Aberdeen. It has been a good run. Bring on the new adventures!


Sister Bohman



Week 4 of Transfer 4



Monday: Pday! always good! not too much happened. we just chilled. we had a lesson with someone we have been teaching for 5 months and he prayed and he never prays so, YES!

Tuesday: we had district meeting and then we taught a new girl Maya and she ACCEPTED BAPTISM! Yes! so excited! she is really cool. We also taught Sabine. she is doing as grand as ever! and we talked about her mom and how she helps her mom understand the Gospel.

Wednesday: Today we rewrote “ye elders of Israel” well… we only changed one word. we changed “elders”’ to “daughters,” so that was a great start to our day! the song is a lot better that way. no offence to all the elders out there. We had lunch with a member and found all day. TALKED TO ALL THE UNI STUDENTS! finding and talking to people is really fun and sometimes super awkward. I love it.

Thursday: some funny things happened this day. first we had a lesson with Kieran who is very convinced that God only sends him answers in dreams. so I was just like, “Kieran, what if God wants to talk to you while you are awake? what if God sends you answers and you are missing them, because you aren’t asleep?”  It was super cool, because the spirit was totally leading me and I just kind of got to call him out. then we had dinner at bishop Twigger’s house and we had to take like an hour long bus ride and we missed our stop, but as soon as we realized what we did, the bus driver let us off the bus and we had to walk through this field in the middle of nowhere. It was super fun! Then we went to do service at a relief society activity and lost track of time and before we knew it, it was 10 to 9 and we needed to be home! and it takes like 40 min to get home from the church! but don’t worry, I only freaked out a little bit and we got home safely.

Friday: We had a couple lessons and one of our investigators dropped us, because we wouldn’t date him…. his loss. haha (his loss was the gospel). And we saw Kieran again.  always fun. we introduced him to the word of wisdom.

Saturday: FINDING!!! we found all day and we did planning for the week ahead. one cool person we met was Chris. he is new in Aberdeen and he basically set up his own appointment and invited himself to church next week because he worked this Sunday! so cool #miracle

Sunday: Today Sabine gave her first talk!!! it was Beautiful! It was a great day!

Cap: this week was amazing and this coming week is going to be even better!!!! what? can you even imagine?

Love ya to the moon and back!

Sister Bohman


Week 3 of Transfer 4


This week was crazy-awesome but sad, because I was sick. But we are also back in Aberdeen! Yeah! We got back Tuesday. Then on Wednesday and Thursday, I was so sick– I got a bad cold– I was dead. But I got some advice from Sister Donaldson about what to do and what kind of medication to get. I got a priesthood blessing and WOW, on Friday, I was fabulous! It was wonderful. We got to go spend some time on university campus this weekend because everyone is back and I LOVE IT!  And man, I have missed it the past few months. GQing has been slow, but our new friends (the university students) came flooding into Aberdeen when we were gone in Dundee, and we couldn’t leave it all to the Elders.

Cool story.

We met this girl Igne and she is so amazing. She is going to be baptized! When we met her she told us that she was atheist but she was open minded. So we did! We taught her and it was amazing. We just told her about how much God loves her and wants her to know how much He cares but for Him to help us, God asks us to do things so we can grow and He asks us to pray and He will give us answers, because we are His children and we have the highest potential as such. And the Spirit was so strong! So we asked her how she felt and she was like, “ good– I feel really good.”  And I was like, “YESSSSS” and then we asked her if she knew where that was coming from and she was like “I think it’s coming from God.” !!!! WHAT?!?! Yes, it is coming from God. Man that was a good lesson. Love it. Love her. Can’t wait for her to be baptized.

The uni students are so prepared. So ready to learn. It is the prime time for them to know. They are searching for themselves and their future and we have the answers about how they can find their answers and get help! From Heavenly Father. It is truly amazing! I’m also happy to be back with Sister Christensen. She is doing great and took very good care of me when I was sick. She is just an amazing missionary and she is going to do amazing things! I’m going to miss her one day.

I LOVE Aberdeen!

Here in Aberdeen it is all grey and made of granite, but I love that, because that means everything matches! It is truly amazing!
Sister Bohman
PS: it’s going to be a good week. I feel it in my bones!



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Crazy, Fun, and Eventful Week!


WOW–has it been a crazy, fun, and eventful week!


I bet all of ya’ll have been wondering what the heck is happening to Sister Bohman? The answer in short is this. After Sister Jones went home on Thursday night, I went to Dundee to be in a trio with Sister Six and Sister Christensen. And I am still in Dundee currently. Well at least for today. We think that tonight or tomorrow I will be going back with Sister Christensen to Aberdeen, but still not 100% sure because some other things hang in the balance right now. It’s an adventure!


So here is my long answer of what happened this week.


It all started in Aberdeen with Sister Jones and we had some great lessons and some good time finding people. We taught Hayes and as usual he is great and still trying to gain a testimony as he reads, prays, and follows the commandments. But eventually Sister Jones’s time came to an end here. It was sad to let her go on Thursday but I think the mini mission was the perfect length of time for her to get a taste but also not feel too drawn out or homesick. It was definitely a different experience for her. One that she had never had before and she did a great job even though it was quite a culture shock and nothing probably like she expected. But either way, we had a great time and learned a lot together. I’m very grateful to have been able to be a mini missionary mom.


Thursday, I did something very strange… I was on a train by myself… I felt like I was breaking the law or running a way. It was the first time in 5 months I’ve been alone—very, very strange– and I don’t think I liked it. But I knew it was okay because I was going to Dundee to have a mini vacation from Aberdeen with Sister Six and Sister Christensen! Those sisters are amazing and I love to be with them! And it was great because we got to teach the legendary Meng. He has been investigating the church for 6 months and I was the 7th sister that taught him. He is a student here and is from China and is going back in October. He is so funny! It was so great to be part of his baptism. I only taught him three times, but he is amazing and I love him. He is already a little missionary. He taught his girlfriend in China the Plan of Salvation! Through the people we teach here, we are opening China! Isn’t that a cool thought? When the people we teach here are baptized and go back home they can be missionaries there! CHINA IS OPEN! (there is a talk about it called Getting to Know China by Dallin H. Oakes. Read it!) Anyways, his baptism was beautiful and the Spirit was so strong! Meng left his glasses on. He is so funny. Then afterward, when he got out of the water, he looked at everyone with a huge grin and gave us a thumbs up and said “Thank you!” It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It has been amazing to be here in Dundee. Even if it is only a few days. And who knows, it may be my next permanent area. What do ya’ll think the odds of that are?
Sister Bohman