Mini Missionary Adventure



Sister Jones is my companion until Thursday the 1st of September. She is 17 and wanted to be a missionary in Scotland before she moves back to the states. She is so cool! She is so good at missionary work. She is going to be a fireball missionary once she actually serves!


This week was great. I guess some highlights were on Thursday. We had a Zone Conference and we had six sisters in our flat that night– so fun, especially when you don’t see sisters ever! After the conference we were on exchanges with the STLs and within two hours we found 16 new potential investigators. That is unheard of! Like maybe if you’re lucky during two hours you find 3-4 people. It was FLIPPING AMAZING! Then we had some really good lessons with some new people. We will see how all of that goes. Hayes is still doing good. Sometimes we have him teach us the lessons instead and he really likes that. He is hopefully going to be baptized September 17th! He is ready, but I don’t think he realizes that he is. So, pray for him!


News so far is that when Sister Jones leaves, I’m getting Sister Christensen back! Yahoo! I miss her! But we will see what happens!


Good Things Are Happening!


Sister Bohman


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Sorry so many landscapes, but I’m living in a BEAUTIFUL country!

CRAZY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So. This week.

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Wednesday morning we got a phone call from President Donaldson…..that doesn’t happen ever.

No worries though! He just told us that we were going to have a mini missionary. She is thinking about serving and we will be her companions for 10 days.

Then, on Saturday, we get a call from the Assistant to the President and he informs us that there is an emergency move and Sister Christensen has to go to Dundee and she leaves on Monday. So today. I’m SO sad I’m going to miss Sister Christensen, but these next 10 days should be an adventure, because my companion will be the mini missionary!

So that is the biggest news of the week.

Other than that, we had some great lessons and found a new guy to teach. His name is Johnathan and he is really interested and he prayed for the first time in his whole life at our lesson on Saturday! He is 24. This week should be an adventure and there are a lot of exciting things happening

Love y’all to the moon and back!

Sister Bohman




This week wasn’t too cool or too crazy, but it was a lot better than last week. Moves also start today and so many things changed, except Sister Christensen and I stayed together in Aberdeen!


We also had some fun adventures this morning at the coast with Sabine and Ethan. It was grand!


Here is a cool story for this week. We are going through all the potentials in our phone (the people who give us numbers on the street that are interested) and we are getting rid of people that don’t want us calling and also setting up appointments. We get to this one number and call it and our conversation goes something like this….

“Hi, is this Craig? This is the sister missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,” I say.

“No, I think you have the wrong number,” the voice on the phone responds.

“Oh well. We are missionaries for the Mormon church. Have you heard of Mormons?” I respond.


Then I told him about what we do as missionaries and how we share with people how we can have more happiness in our life through little things we do. AKA scripture study prayer etcetera. Then I asked him if he wanted to meet with us and he was keen on it. So we go to set it up and find out that he lives in LONDON! So we got his information so that missionaries in London can teach him. It was a super great experience and after the call I just thought, “Well now I can be considered a Scotland/ Ireland/ London missionary!”



Love ya’ll to the moon and back

Sister Ashley Bohman

The Week of…


Sister Christensen is calling this week, “The Week of Righteous Anger.”


Many things happened this week. Lucifer is working his tail off in Aberdeen. He is just going crazy on people. There isn’t much more to say on that part, other than that the Lord blessed me with charity and patience. This week was a struggle. But we made it. And next week will be better. So yeah! Onward and upward.


But not all of this week was a missionary struggle. We also had missionary fun! We had a conference with all the missionaries in Scotland and we had an area of the Seventy, Elder Hurbertson with us. He taught amazing things and told great stories. It was definitely things I needed so that I would be able to cope with all the crazies this weekend. But hey, what can you do? I just keep praying and keep pushing. On the bright side, Sabine is back from her holiday and Hayes is just as amazing as ever!


Love ya!

Sister Bohman

Diagon Alley?

This is me. I found this Brick doorway…
Where could it lead???
Only one way to find out–an umbrella….
I really hope it’s Diagon Alley.
First, you knock and say the password.
(I find it is often lemon-drops.)

Then, no answer…

We will try the umbrella now…

Still no answer?

Maybe I got the pattern wrong.
I’ll try again.


Maybe just brute force will work.

Still no budge.

Maybe I’ll try a new tactic next week.

Week 4 of Transfer 3


It has been a week full of wonderful missionary miracles. We had lots of good lessons (13) and ran into many people that we had been trying to contact lately. We currently have two people who are preparing for baptism on the 20th of August, Hayes and Mark.
HAYES is mainly concerned about not having the knowledge to make that commitment, and his parents are very traditional Chinese and don’t have anything to do with religion as well. I had a cool experience resolving this concern with him. I didn’t know what I was going to say but the Spirit guided my words. I told him that as he works towards this goal of baptism, then his parents will see how the Gospel is changing him and they will have the desire to learn what it is that he has, and that together they can have this gospel as something that binds them even closer together. That was a sweet experience. We love Hayes so much and are soooo blessed to be teaching him. By the way, after only having the Book of Mormon since the 16th, he is already in 2Nephi! He is a hard worker and a sponge! He just loves it and it is so clear to him.
MARK is 18 and texted us one night and asked to see us the next day. It was a different lesson. It is interesting how the Spirit feels so different sometimes. During the lesson we found out that he is going through some emotional/mental hardships and we felt prompted to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson was all over the place, not super organized feeling, but it had such an easygoing happy feeling. The Spirit just brought us pure happiness and it was WONDERFUL. Afterward, me and Sister Christensen looked at each other and were like– that was weird but also right… he later texted us and said how grateful he was that we were able to meet him and that we really brightened his day.
So yeah, a good week! And we cannot wait for another Wonderful Week in Aberdeen.


Sister Bohman



District meeting! We always have food afterwards and it’s a party!