This week in ABERDEEN


This week was grand. Hayes, our new investigator, is amazing! Love him so much. He is so ready to be baptized. Yeah, so we taught Hayes 3 times this week. He is just eating up the Book of Mormon and everything we teach him. Hayes is from Hong Kong and LOVES table tennis. This week we did something new. We went chapping (knocking doors) and that was fun, not super successful, but it was something new and fun. We are going back to two families though. So that is pretty groovy. The weather was also pretty nice all week. It’s starting to get darkish at night again. That will be interesting. This week a car drove by and total drenched Sister Christensen and I, but we were already drenched because of the rain and on our way home…so it was mostly just funny.


SO, that was my missionary week.



Sister Bohman

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I’m losing track of what week it is…



This week was full of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
Good: we had some crazy, some good, and some great lessons–literally the whole spectrum. My favorite was the crazy one. It was with Matthew and some of his friends. We taught the Restoration, Law of Chastity, Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Word of Wisdom. That was pretty bonkers, but also fun, looking back on it. Then we had a really great lesson with this new guy, Hayes. He is from Hong Kong and is really funny and cool. We taught him the nature of God and the Godhead and also the Restoration.  And it made sense to him. He committed to reading the Book of Mormon and to being baptized. So we are excited! Then we also went on exchanges with the STLs who are super cool. It is always a bomb to be in Edinburgh.
Bad & Ugly: well, that lesson (the crazy one) could also go under this category, as well as the fact that I got sick this week 🙁 That was bad and ugly. But don’t worry– I am okay now.
All in all a pretty crazy week here in Aberdeen. This next week will be even crazier, but in the best of ways!
Love ya’ll!
Sister Bohman,
Scripture that I’m taking as my motto this transfer.
” Use BOLDNESS, but not overbearance: and also see that ye bridal all your passions, that ye may be filled with LOVE; see that ye refrain from idleness.” -Alma 38:12
P.S. If you are curious, last transfer my motto was: Alma 26:27.

Week 13. First week TRAINING!

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This week was crazy and amazing. I don’t have too much to say, but Sister Christensen is amazing. I love her. She is from Logan, Utah, and we are definitely birds of a feather and we are going to explode Aberdeen. They won’t know what hit them. Something that she said that was really funny was that the Lord should just submerge the islands for like a second and then it would just be a big baptism– like sploosh– all the island, baptized. That was funny. We laugh a lot and get along amazingly. It is for sure going to be a grand 12 weeks here in Aberdeen. I’m excited but scared, but mostly excited!

Love ya’ll to the moon and back!
Sister Bohman

Week 12!

I’m staying in Aberdeen but…. I’m going to be training! I don’t know who my new companion is yet, but tonight we will get on a train and go to the mission home and tomorrow all the greenies will be there and we will have training and things like that.  After dinner they announce the new companionships! Then we will go back to Aberdeen and hope Sister Bohman remembers where all the buses go and all of that fun stuff.
This week… this week we went to a castle but you already know that. Then the rest of the week was really busy. We had a ton of lessons once again (which is amazing) and found a lot of really cool people to teach. Our investigator Desire is struggling though. He knows the church is true but he texted us yesterday and said that it wasn’t the right time for him to join us, which makes no sense because he loves everything about the church so much. So, yeah, I’m praying that I will be inspired as how to help him stay on the path to being baptized. A new woman we met Maree is amazing. She is so genuine and kind. We found her on the street and got her number and when we went to her home to teach her she was so happy. She wasn’t sure if we would actually come. She has had a really tough life and doesn’t really have people to be there for her. She said that when we came in we changed her home and she hasn’t felt so happy in a long time. And she was so happy when we invited her to baptism. I love her so much. She is such a sweet spirit.
So yeah, that was my week. Nothing too crazy except moves call, but that is super exciting!!!
We went to lunch at this place called the grub and I got a sandwich called the Hammer of Thor. It was super delicious too and spicy. So here is a picture of me about to smite Sister Esplin with the Hammer of Thor.
Love Y’all. Happy Independence Day!
Sister Bohman