What? I am almost done being trained! what? I may be sent somewhere crazy. I could train! On Sunday we will get the call that determines if we stay or go… THE ANTICIPATION.

This week was super sunny! It was grand. We had a good week. We taught a lot of lessons and found a lot of new people. We have a few people progressing, so that is great!

Today, Monday, we went to Slain Castle with Sabine and Ethan. That was soooo fun! I climbed all over everything and just had an amazing time! I’m not sure what else to say about the week. It was another amazing, beautiful week, in Aberdeen!
Love ya to the moon and back.
Sister Bohman

This Week Was SO Crazy and SO Amazing.

DSCF0405This week was so crazy and so amazing.
Tuesday we were able to see the BYU ballroom dancers and they are soooo good and it was super fun. We were able to go with Sabine. It was like a girls’ night out before her baptism on Wednesday. Wednesday, we had three lessons and SABINE WAS BAPTIZED! ah such an amazing experience! I am filled with so much joy for her! There are no words to express the way I feel. Thursday was another great day we had ZIT (zone interview training) with all the missionaries in the Aberdeen area. President and Sister Donaldson had us over to their hotel for breakfast before and it was delicious and so fun to have time with them. They are so amazing and so inspired. In my interview with President he told me that he does not believe in chance–it is all how it was meant to be and we are here to be with the people that we are with. And we were both called to this mission so that we can be together and learn from one another. And that he looks forward to the day when he shakes my husband’s hand and plays with my children. He is so amazing and full of love. I look forward to that day as well! The zone leaders also talked about sanctifying ourselves and becoming a holy zone, that we need to give ourselves to the Lord and do all that is asked of us. We gave up so much to be here and we should not let this time go to waste, because THIS IS THE WORK OF SALVATION. Then President Donaldson called everyone to repentance and it was super intense and the spirit was so strong. It is so amazing how inspired the leaders of the mission and the leaders of the church are. It was a really great day and we were able to see so many of our fellow missionaries and have fun. Then on Friday we went to Edinburgh on exchanges with the STLs. I was with Sister Stapply and it was really fun to learn from her. So, let’s just say, it was an amazing missionary week.
Remember “always laugh. It may not add years to your life, but it will add life to your years.”
Alma 27:18 find joy now
Love ya’ll to the moon and back,
Sister Bohman

Hey Hey Hey from Aberdeen



Hey Hey Hey,

It was a really sunny week in Aberdeen and that is VERY unusual. but I loved it! and I am praying that it stays that way. We have so many new amazing people that we get to teach! and they are from all over. We have a girl from Nigeria, one from China and one from India, we also have another boy that is from Africa and one that is Muslim. so wow. none that are even Scottish. There was a baptism on Friday for a girl named Vicky she is so sweet I love her I got to speak at her baptism about baptism, so that was really cool that I got to do that. We got to teach a lot of first lessons this week and tell people about the restoration of the gospel I LOVE the restoration. and the spirit is always so strong when we share Joseph Smiths vision with those that we teach.
I Love this Gospel,  I live this gospel, and I want to share this joyous news with anyone that will listen.
LOVE Ya’ll
(to the moon and back)
Sister Bohman