Aberdeen Scotland – May 30, 2016

This week was  good a little slow but hopefully some of the people we have found will be new members someday. That would be super groovy. We had about 13 lessons planned this week and we only ended up teaching 7 so sometimes that is hard.
This week Sabine was able to go to the temple grounds with her boyfriend (Ethan a member) and she loved it! She said it was so peaceful and there are no words to describe the feelings there she just sat in silence the whole time and she is so excited to go through the temple in a year. She also got a mini quad and she is so excited to have it. She got me and Sister Esplin “A Future as Bright as Your Faith” daily thoughts from President Monson. She is so thoughtful and kind. Her baptismal interview is this week and her baptism will be on Wednesday the 8th! I am so grateful to be privileged to teach her and witness her faith grow and see her spirit radiate the joy that comes with the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. That was definitely the highlight of my week other than that on Sunday president and sister Donaldson stopped in our ward and we where able to see them and talk a little, I love them they are so kind and loving.
Last night was moves call so everyone in the mission gets called and you’re told if you have to move areas and companions or not. Elder White likes to play jokes on us, so when he called us he was all ” how solid is Sabine. We just wanna make sure that when we move you it will not make her leave or anything and that we can move you.” 100% serious and we couldn’t tell if he was serious or not. Luckily he was kidding and we get to stay in Aberdeen for at least one more transfer.

I love the people I serve. I love God. I Love this gospel. And I LOVE our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sister Bohman

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May 9 – Aberdeen, Scotland

    Wow it has been an amazing week! I know I say that every week, but this week was extra amazing. From the conference and seeing everyone and learning how to be a better servant of the Lord to Sunday it has been absolutely fantastic!
     This week we had an all of Scotland conference and it was super awesome. We got up at 4am and took a train to Edinburgh, it was like 3 hours. I got  to meet so many missionaries and see my MTC companion Sister Cole! I love her and miss her often. I can just be a goober around her and she is a goober right back. It was just super great, it gets you so pumped to be a missionary!
     On Saturday an appointment was cancelled and so we where finding and we ran in to this guy Constantine and he said that he was trying to stop smoking but he was also on his way to get some cigarettes but then we stopped him and it was the sign he needed and that we where like angles sent from God so we where like sure are you free now to talk? He was so we went to the park and had a lesson. We have another lesson with him tomorrow so we will see how it goes. There was also a baptism and that was awesome!!! Unfortunately one of our investigators, Kieran, dropped us and doesn’t want to meet anymore. That was sad. We told our zone leader Elder Thayne and he was like “awww man I’m so sorry about that”. And then his companion Elder Quinten pipes up and says “I feel impressed by the holy ghost to tell you guys that your diligence, loyalty and hard work that you put in with Kieran will bring you many more solid investigators In the near future.” then the very next day…
      Drum role here comes the miracle story of the week.
      So my mom is  a convert to the church and before I left she would always say “When you’re on your mission you’re going to be able to find and teach a young woman like me and help her get the blessing that this gospel brings and that will bless her family just like the gospel has blessed our life.” and I shared this in a testimony I was able to give in relief society yesterday and then after church me and Sister Esplin where introduced to a young woman named Sabine and she looked at me and said that she was going to be that one that I was talking about and told us that she wanted to get taught and wants to be baptized! This moment made me want to sing and dance and thank, thank, thank the Lord. We are so blessed to have met her and we will be teaching her tonight, and all this week we hope for her baptism at the end of the month!!!
      I love this work and I love this gospel and I love to love the Lords children.
Good things are happening,
Sister Bohman