MTC Life

A day in the life at the MTC

6:30am – wake up and get ready
7am – breakfast
30 minutes cleaning time, our room or someplace in the MTC
1 hour personal study time
Role playing – investigator discussions
Exercise Time
classes and classes and classes
classes and classes and classes
Bedtime at 10:30pm

Sunday’s are super cool
Everyone prepares a talk, then when you get to sacrament meeting they choose six people to talk. Then we watched Meet the Mormons, and The Restoration.

It is super awesome here, it is an emotional roller coaster. One minute I am just skipping down the hall, then the next minute I am just like “I just wanna hug a boy”.

There are 60 missionaries at the England MTC, it is going to be really sad when we say good bye to everyone but we cannot even hug the boys. I am just like, I want to hug you because you are super awesome and you deserve a hug but you just can’t. I just gotta deal with it. That is going to be one of the hardest things on a mission, not hugging the boys. Sister Cole agrees with me, our boys are awesome, we are going to miss them so much.

All the boys here think it is so weird that I love cows so much. It came up because we were talking about the Scottish fluffy cows.

Everyone in our district are going to different missions, so we won’t see them anymore, or like ever.

Elder Wong is in our district, he is from China. He is here 6 weeks to learn English. He is very funny and like to give everyone knick names. Sister Cole is Sister Coca Cola, I am Sister Man.

Elder Midgley is from around Preston England, he has been involved in the pageants and the Nauvoo pageant, so we really connect on how awesome that is.

Our district leader, Elder Anderson, is from Canada, he is cool and really funny. He is a mighty man of God. Everyone I’ve met is super awesome.

One of the Elder’s added a quote to my quote book
“Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside” All the missionaries are like pineapples.

Tomorrow, April 19, we go to our mission.

Week One

  DSCN0028What??? It’s already been a week?!?!?!? Time here is so weird because I feel like it’s been a year, but it also only feels like two seconds. Everyone I have met is amazing and all the accents are crazy awesome too! My companion Sister Cole is the most amazing ever. like really. We are so incredibly comfortable and she looks sooo much like Tessa. It’s kinda crazy. It’s cool because we met before our last flight before we got here. It’s super cool because even the elders will come up to us and be like “Yeah ya’ll are really amazing and we can tell you are the most loving companionship of the bunch and that is super cool.” MTC life is realy cool and fun. We have every minute scheduled so it’s weird to now have a day that is not exactly planned for us. The food is super good. So we have this pond outside and there are these two geese that live there and Mrs. Goose decided to lay eggs, so Mr. Goose is very protective. and it’s kinda funny bc people will go out there and then Mr Goose will go run at them. It still doesn’t feel quite real. It’s also crazy this time next week I’ll be traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland! So, don’t send anything else here. Just send it to the mission home. We get to go to the temple today and im super excited about that! And the people in my district are super amazing and my district leader is super amazing.

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